Please note:
Candy for AppFuse is being refactored in order to drop the dependency on m2eclipse (tycho) for providing maven support. Instead, q4e will be used.
Project pages and update site for Candy will be available for those interested, but be aware that existing versions do not include the latest release of m2eclipse and neither can use the official 2.0 archetypes in AppFuse.
Depending on user interest and available time, a maintenance release with both changes could be published to the update site.
AppFuse is a great tool for getting your web project started. Candy for AppFuse tries to easy the adoption and usage of AppFuse by adding some eye candy in the form of eclipse plug-ins.
If you want the power of an integrated set of excellent J2EE tools and frameworks managed from the comfort of your IDE, give Candy for AppFuse a try.
How to get it
  1. Name: Candy for AppFuse
Latest release: 0.3.1 (2007-06-01)
Fix: using the new AppFuse project wizard on windows.
Updated m2eclipse including patched maven-embedder.
Download progress reporting when creating a project.
Update available AppFuse versions and archetypes from the repositories.
Check the features to get an idea of the current state.
  for AppFuse