Version 0.2.0
This version provides:
  1. Integration with Maven 2 eclipse plugin (m2eclipse).
  2. A new project wizard for creating eclipse projects using AppFuse 2.0 M4 archetypes for simple projects.
  3. Includes dependencies in the build path, with source code linking if it is available from the maven repository.
  4. That nice AppFuse icon.
Dependencies expressed in the project’s pom are included in eclipse build path, and the maven nature is enabled for the project.
In this version, the m2eclipse plugin compiled from the repository is included in the release, as the current stable (0.0.10) does not expose any API and the last developer snapshot had some problems during testing.
It is expected that, starting with the next stable release os m2eclipse (0.0.11), it will become a required dependency instead of being bundled with Candy for AppFuse.
  for AppFuse